I Love how people are talking so much about love these days.

I too fell in love once and till today I can’t seem to fall out of it.

Why would I?

Love is everything

Love is Life

Love is the morning Chai

And better still, it is the conversations that happen over chai.

I sometimes wonder what my words will sound like without love

In fact, it is love that brings them to life.

Love is in the books I read

How else would I spend days and sometimes months

Laughing, crying, with the characters in those pages.

Tell me, my dear, is it possible without love?

Love is also in nature

In the trees and the mountains

In the sun and the moon

Earth and the water

A glimpse of nature and a sense of calm rushes all over your being.

Tell me, my dear, is it possible without love?

In the Noor of this world and the light

In the gentle breeze and the autumn sight

Love is far and wide

Love is in the nothingness around me

And in the nothingness inside me

I came from love

Came here for love

And to love I shall return

Would you still say, I am without it?

When it is all I have

And, all I can give

And, all that is there.

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