spirit of service

Whatever you do in life, do it in the spirit of service. If you are looking for satisfaction, you must strive to serve. Contribute to the wellness of people around you.

Whatever skill you possess is a blessing bestowed upon you by Lord himself and you must use the same to serve his men.

You don’t have to renounce everything you do to serve; you just have to instil the spirit of service in it.

If you create art, make it with the intention of creating a positive impact.

Whether a desk job or a business, do it with honesty for everything you do is helping for the greater good of the people.

If you cook, do it for the better health of your loved ones.

When people work to serve, they no longer feel the need to cheat or exploit. And the world becomes a much better place to live.

If you wish to serve the Lord, start by serving his men.

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