Quarter Life Bliss — 25 Lessons I have learned in 25 years

Like an average 25-year-old, I have hit rock bottom quite a few times in my life. There have been happy times and days when I struggled to even step out, Life has been the best teacher to date. Situations and circumstances in our lives may vary but we all are aware of the biggest life fact that no riches can buy us permanent happiness. So, what else will? Life has taught me some valuable lessons that I believe can help us at almost all times.

I am sharing these lessons with a hope that at least one of these will help you through troubling times someday. Read on!

1. Someone will come into your life. Feel like Forever and Leave. Forever is an illusion.

2. You will be laughed at for not fitting in but you must continue to strive to be different.

3. You will often be mistaken as weak for being kind. It’s okay. The world needs more of you.

4. People or dreams, chasing is futile. If you chase today, you will chase for the rest of your life.

5. Your desires will only die with you. It is up to you for how long you entertain them.

6. People who are all praise for your face are temporary. Connect with someone who praises your SOUL.

7. For some, your existence is limited to their use.

8. You seem to think that you know what is BEST but no, GOD does.

9. Accepting every situation God has put you in is grace. Acceptance is GRACE.

10. You are only as strong as your readiness to SURRENDER.

11. Humility will take you to greatest heights. Bow down to the fellow creation and you will always be looked up to.

12. Those who gossip to you will certainly gossip about you.

13. Overthinking every situation can put your limited time on this earth in danger. It can ruin your days, months and even years.

14. Losing a loved one to death will teach you the ultimate lesson. “Body is mortal “and “Soul is Eternal”.

15. A Single Selfless act will make you 1000 times happier than anything else in this world.

16. Hypocrisy prevails everywhere. Stay away from duality.

17. Cry if you want to, if you have to. But, never give up.

18. FORGIVE for the sake of your own peace.

19. Words without wisdom will be a weapon of destruction. Whereas, words along with wisdom can be an instrument of PEACE.

20. There is a thin line between self-love and narcissism. Make sure that you don’t cross it.

21. Love yourself but first know yourself. (Read more about this in my next blog)

22. Curl up on the couch, Sip on hot Chai and read a book. Learn to enjoy simple pleasures of life. You don’t always have to be up to something.

23. Being vulnerable is a sign of strength. Never apologize for opening up.

24. Listen to a soul in need of help. The world needs more listeners.

25. Accomplish what you may in this life. But for once, be a seeker for the TRUTH . Be a seeker for the PURPOSE. The divine light will definitely guide you home.

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